Some pictures "behind" the Releases

RARE PICTURES: Works before Release…

EAR-001 – The Weakend delivery from pressing Company

EAR-002 – The Hue A.D. EP delivery from pressing Company

EAR-003 – Jalousien delivery from pressing Company

EAR-004 – MTS – the Covers before the fold

EAR-005 – CWDB – Covers numbered per hand

EAR-005 – S.L.A. – Covers numbered per hand

EAR-007 – Ohne uns – the Covers before the fold

The Vinyl without the Covers direct from the pressing Company

EAR-008 – Summer Sessions – Testpress with 1st idea: Sticker Cover only

Now with Picture Cover – straight from the pressing Company

EAR-009 – Außerhalb ein Song – Testpress with Mini-Cover self print

EAR-010 – Sprechblasen – Testpress

EAR-011 – Huzzah Testpress with Stickers

Plain Covers and the Stickers only.

EAR-012 No Man is the Best – Photo for the Sticker

Testpress in Red Plain Sleeve.

EAR-013 – Elevation – all the beautiful Vinyl Colors

Pictures for Label and Cover


EAR-014 – IV – Covers without the Number


EAR-015 – Aurora – beautiful Clear Blue Vinyl

so many copies

EAR-016 – Day & Night EP – Testpress

250 handnumbered Stickers

EAR-017 – Honest Expressions – Empty Covers wait for the Numbers

so many copies

EAR-018 – The Wretched of the Verse – Testpress

EAR-019 – Idolatry – Covers writing and folding

EAR-020 – SMWIDK – all the beautiful Colors

EAR-021 – Disco Sinistro – Testpress

EAR-022 – The District – An other Tracklist like the Original CD

EAR-024 – Higher Vibrations – Directly from the pressing plant