LIVE PERCENTERS – Higher Vibrations

Hip Hop Group from Philadelphia and New York / USA

The core members (I-Be4Evr and Phat Hentoff) formed the Group in 2012. Other members have been Jorelle Crawl, Physical Graffiti, Dukes Go Up and now Junclassic from Queens, NYC.

LIVE PERCENTERS has worked with many artists over the years and have recently teamed up with producer Theory Hazit from Cincinatti/Portland.

2xLP with 14 Tracks + 3 Bonus Remixes from Jazz Spastiks, Soundsci & Hellee Hooper
Produced by THEORY HAZIT
feat. J-Zone, J-Live, K.A.A.N. and others

Side A/B Blue Vinyl / Side C/D Purple Vinyl
Limited Edition of 300 Copies, Handnumbered

Release Date Vinyl: 20.December 2018

Listen here the full Album:


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